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L.V. Johnson Library
Building C
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060

678-915-7276 (Circulation)

1-866-513-9516 (Toll Free)

L.V. Johnson Library

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L.V. Johnson Library

Message from the Director

Welcome to SPSU for Fall 2014!

It's going to be a special, sentimental semester full of changes. I hope the Library can provide you with a place for calm and peace in the midst of an especially busy time.

New over the summer:

New computers in the Hive Lab: 34 PCs, 14 iMacs, and 20 virtual clients.
Two new laptops for your checkout.
Comfy seating area on the lower level.
Cold drink machine on the main floor with both Coke & Pepsi products.
Fresh coat of paint on the main floor.
Automatic soap dispensers.
Honors students study area is in room 237 while Building D is undergoing renovation.
The ROTC recruiter has moved to room 266.

I hope you enjoy the updated services and atmosphere. There will be more coming soon. 

Have a great semester!


Nancy Colyar, Director
L.V. Johnson Library

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