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Southern Poly logo“Take Care of the Little Things”

“Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.”  Most of you have head that phrase before, right?!?!  Did you ever stop to think about what it really means?  What are the little things?  What are the big things?  And, how do the big things take care of themselves?

Our student athlete’s here at Southern Poly have many demands placed upon them.  Their ultimate goal when entering Southern Poly is to leave this institution with a great education.  Monies from the Annual Fund Members are an essential part of these student-athlete’s, not having to worry about the “small things”, such as a book, how they are going to pay for classes or something as simple as their meal plan.  This enables them to focus on the “bigger things”, a college degree.

Southern Poly’s Women’s Athletic program is a young program that has done great things with the little that they have.  When talking about the “small things” athletically, we are referring to team travel, equipment, special events (“think pink game”, “senior recognition night”), community service, and marketing.  These are just a few things your donated monies help with athletically.  As a team it is nice to travel to away games comfortably, as well as making sure we look uniformed on the court with the proper equipment.  With these “small things” taking care of with your donated monies the team as well as the coaching staff is able to focus on “bigger things” such as winning our 3rd SSAC (Southern State Athletic Conference) Championship!!


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