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SPSU helps with Morehouse instructional video

Three SPSU professors helped Morehouse School of Medicine put together an instructional video on blood pressure monitoring and management that is about to be released.


Dr. Fred Hartfield, who retired in 2010 as an associate professor in Information Technology, was an actor in thevideo, which was funded by a grant from the Georgia Department of Community HealthIn the production, Dr. Hartfield simulated a heart attack in his classroom – a scene that was filmed in one take by his friend, Dr. Keith Hopper, professor of information and instructional design.


Dr. Hopper, a former registered respiratory therapist, is now an instructional developer whose research focus is educational technology integration in the medical industry. 
He offers those doing community-based medical projects reduced rates for his services as an instructional designer and multimedia developer. Dr. Hopper had previously completed a similar video project on asthma, and word of mouth led the Morehouse Blood Pressure Project Team to him.


In addition, Dr. Betty Oliver, an English, Technical Communication and Media Arts professor, produced several original graphics for the video and had students in her information graphics course create comical graphics related to high blood pressure for use in the project.