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CSE to open new Data Center Feb. 17
The School of Computing and Software Engineering (CSE) will formally open a state-of-the-art data center in Building J on Fri., Feb 17, that will greatly enhance information technology instruction, provide a more controlled environment for the school’s sophisticated servers and significantly reduce the school’s power consumption as well.


CSE Dean Han Reichgelt believes SPSU is unique in offering students this sophisticated learning tool. In addition to several other pieces of equipment that support the school’s teaching and research activities, the data center was built to house the high-density server that runs the $850,000 hospital information system software donated to the school in April 2011 by CPSI.


“Many of our students, but particularly those in the IT programs, will benefit from the opportunity to do hands-on work in a state-of-the-art data center,” said Dr. Reichgelt. Students in the health information technology programs have already been getting hands-on experience on a hospital information system, thanks to the CPSI donation, he said, but the data center provides a much more protected environment for that and other CSE servers, both in terms of security and climate control.


The new data center is also an energy-saving feature. Through extensive virtualization, the center has allowed CSE to consolidate many of its current servers into a single physical server. Moreover, the data center is enabling CSE to replace the computers used in many of its teaching labs with more energy-efficient “thin” clients.