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Portable Lab

Tiny enough to pack into a suitcase, but powerful enough to contain all the capabilities of our 3-room lab complex, the portable lab provides the opportunity to go to the users and record digital output of the interface, the user, and the user´s voice.

We're packed and ready to roll.

portable lab packs in a rollerboard suitcase


When we unpack, we can do testing anywhere.  Here we're in a conference room.

portable lab unpacks easily.


What are the advantages to you with our portable lab?

 You can:

  • Take your lab on the road, across town, or around the world. This is especially important where geographic and/or international/intercultural issues are an important part of a usability study.
  • Conduct on-site studies to see and learn from users working in their own environment.
  • Combine lab testing and on-site testing to compare and contrast results, as each option provides benefits.