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Participant Recruiting

Getting the right participants--your users--is one of the most important elements in a successful usability study, especially when you're working with a small number of participants.

You can recruit your own users for the study, or you can use our services to recruit them.  Either way, we work with you to make sure your screener is effective in asking the right questions so that you get the right participants.

What makes our recruiting process effective

We have a proven track record of recruiting the right users and committing them to their scheduled appointments.  We have a very large network to access for fast and effective recruiting.

Unlike most recruiting and market research firms who work from an established database of repeat participants, our recruiting process is based on selecting participants who are uniquely qualified to match your user profile.  We rarely use repeat users. 

So, for most of our participants, the experience is new, and refreshing, for them.  Our participants do not become experienced testers, as this type of experience does not adequately represent your real users.

How we handle no-shows

On the rare occasion when someone cancels, we have qualified backups ready to step in.  If they are part of the extensive university community, they can walk over to the usability lab without delay.  If they are part of the larger community, we recruit backups within a few minutes' drive of the usability center.

Since lost time is lost money and a no-show can be critical to the outcomes of your study,  this element of our recruiting process is one of the ways in which we do better than the rest.

And here's another way that our process is better than the rest: we do not charge you for backups. 

Your cost is based solely on the number of users you need for a study.  Backups (free of charge)  are part of our insurance plan that you get what you pay for, and nothing more.