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Transportation Master Plan

Transportation System Master Plan
Southern Polytechnic State University is undergoing a major effort to comprehensively address existing and future transportation needs associated with the campus.  The University has engaged a consultant team to lead development of a Transportation System Master Plan.  The seven month project will use technical analysis and feedback from the University’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) to develop a work program that focuses on enhancing safety and operation for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists alike.  The plan will support the major objectives of the latest Campus Master Plan Update and will provide recommendations for transportation-specific refinements to be incorporated into the next Campus Master Plan Update.  The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of January, 2011.

Please monitor the SPSU web page as project deliverables and status updates are posted.

Project Deliverables

Existing Conditions Assessment

Future Years Forecast

Transportation Master Plan Update

Kimley-Horn is also working on a new landscape design for the University's front entrances on South Marietta Parkway. The University's priorities are to create entrances that are safe for vehicles and pedestrians, maximize visibility, and ensure clear and consistent signage. The landscape design team will solicit input from a broadly representative campus group that will include students, faculty, and staff. More information about this process will be forthcoming.

Ultimately, the front entrance design will be integrated into the Transportation Master Plan and Campus Master Plan. Our goal s are to create a safe entrance to campus, to maximize our visibility along the South Loop, and to integrate our planning efforts into a coherent vision for SPSU . Although we have not yet identified funds to implement the resulting plans, having an overall master plan in place will be valuable as funding becomes available.