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Current Permits

New Parking hangtags are issued at the beginning of every new Academic Year (Fall Semester). You can pick up a new hangtag at any point throughout the semester as well as other semesters if you did not start class during the Fall semester.

The fee for parking hangtags is compulsory, and along with other fees, is paid to the business office along with your tuition. All you have to do is come by the University Transportation Office to pick up your hangtag.

Please make sure you have the following information to register your vehicle: License Plate (letters and numbers located on the plate in the rear of your vehicle); make of your vehicle (example: Honda); model of your vehicle (example: Civic); Color (example: red); and Year (example: 2002). If you ever change vehicles make sure you register the new vehicle with us as soon as possible.

You can transfer your hangtag from one vehicle to another if necessary (or if you drive more than one vehicle). If you lose your hangtag we will deactivate it and issue you another hangtag, for a replacement fee of $25.  Any lost or stolen hangtags are subject to citation and booting.

If you get into an accident please transfer your hangtag from your vehicle to your rental car or second vehicle. Do not park in visitor. Please come into the University Transportation office and register your rental or new vehicle.

Those who drive motorcycles are required to register their vehicles as well.