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Disability Parking

Faculty, staff and students who have a disability placard must register their placard with University Transportation and obtain a campus parking permit.  Both the disability placard and the current SPSU permit must be displayed to acquire parking on campus.  Parking on campus with a non-registered disability permit and without the accompanying valid University permit will result in a fine.

Disability spaces are reserved for people who have disabilities and
properly display a state-issued disability placard. Individuals who
believe they meet the criteria of being physically disabled may apply
for a state handicapped placard through the Georgia Department of Revenue. Violators may be cited in accordance with Georgia law and/or towed.

Temporary disability parking permits for faculty and staff (not to
exceed three weeks) may be obtained from Parking Services provided documentation from a physician is presented.

*Please note that it is illegal to use a handicap permit that was not issued to you.