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Citation Payments:

Citations issued after December 15, 2013 must be paid online through your University Transportation parking account.

Citations received prior to December 15, 2013 must be paid at the Business Office (R2 Building) or through your online Banner account.


Unpaid Citations:

Any unpaid citations or fees will result in an account hold with the Transportation office, and will bar students, faculty and staff from:

  • Obtaining new parking permits
  • Replacing lost/stolen permits
  • Permit refunds - ticket and late fee amounts will be deducted.

In addition, after 31 days a unpaid citation or fee is transferred to a customer's Banner Account and will result in SPSU barring you from:

  • Class Registration
  • Receiving grades
  • Dropping Classes
  • Receiving Transcripts
  • Graduation


Citation fine amounts:

Permit Not Valid in Lot


Unregistered Vehicle


Failure to Display Permit / Improper Display


No Parking Area


Expired Meter


Falsifying records


Obstructing traffic flow


Parking on Landscape


Parking on Sidewalk


Unauthorized Parking in Handicap Space


Parking in a Reserved or Service Space


Parking Beside a Red Curb


Parking Beside a Yellow Curb


Non-Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking in EV Space


Parking in Zipcar Space $50

Immobilization Fee/Boot Removal Fee


Trace Fee for Unregistered Vehicles


Late Fee (After each 30 days unpaid)

Fine Doubled