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Consolidation Parking

KSU community members at SPSU

With 81 different working groups, SPSU wants to make parking easy and simple for all consolidation committee members.  We ask that any KSU faculty, staff or student involved in a consolidation group meeting on SPSU's campus to please display your KSU parking permit and park in the P60 parking deck.  In addition, you may also park in any green or orange parking lot after 5 PM and on weekends with a valid KSU permit.  Please reference the campus parking map for directions.


SPSU community members at KSU

SPSU faculty, staff and students visiting the KSU campus for consolidation meetings will be issued a Friends of KSU hangtag to park on campus.  Your committee chairs will likely distribute these passes at your first meeting. These hangtags will allow gate access to Faculty and Staff parking areas, and should be made visible on the rear-view mirror or dashboard. These permits are RFID tags, so extend the hangtag out the window and hold it in front of the reader face to gain entrance to gated parking facilities.  When you arrive on campus for your first consolidation meeting, please use the call button to contact the parking department to gain access to the lot, and then use your newly obtained KSU permit to exit the lot.  Please reference the faculty/staff parking map for any questions regarding where to park.

Those that would rather pick up their Friends of KSU hangtag in person can do so by visiting the parking office located in House 48, on Campus Loop Road, located just across the street from the West Parking Deck.

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