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What are the admission deadlines?

Fall - apply to Kennesaw State University 
Summer - April 1st

How do I check the status of my application?

To check the status of your application you will need to go to Banner Web and login using your student number and password. Click here for instructions.

I just got accepted! Now what?

We dedicated an entire page to talk about that! Take a look at the Next Steps for Accepted Students page and if you still have questions, feel free to contact us

My admission status says deferred/pending COMPASS test. What is that?

It is a placement exam. Click here for more information.

I tried to log into Banner Web, but I don't know my student ID number. How do I find it?

You can find your student ID by clicking "ID Lookup Form" to the right of the User ID Login on the Banner homepage. 

I am an international student. Where can I find more information about the program?

International student information can be found here.

Do I need to take the MAT (Math Advisory Test)?

The Math Advisory Test (MAT) is used to evaluate a student’s competency level in the areas of College Algebra and Trigonometry. The results are then used to place students in an appropriate starting point in SPSU’s mathematics sequence. All students who have not received credit from SPSU’s Registrars Office for College Algebra (Math 1111) or Precalculus (Math 1113) are required to take the MAT for placement. Credit for courses can come by transfer, CLEP, or AP scores.

Students should take the MAT prior to registering for any math course at SPSU. If a student is required to take the MAT, no registration for a math course at SPSU will be possible until the MAT requirement has been met.

For more information and to view the MAT test dates, please click here.

When will I be able to register?

All new students must attend Journey Orientation to register for classes. During Journey Orientation, you will meet with your academic advisor who will assist you in registering. 

How do I change my major before orientation?

Please email Sara Hajar at shajar@spsu.edu and let her know your new major. 

I am unable to start the term that I was accepted. What do I do?

Please fill out the Entrance Term Update Form and indicate which semester you will be able to attend. Admission deadline dates apply. 

I'm a transfer student. Do I need to turn in transcripts from my most recently attended college or all of them?

Acceptance of a college transcript does not guarantee transfer credit. We require transcripts from every college attended. 

I'm a transfer student. How do I know which classes have transferred?

You can view your transcript online by going to Banner Web.

  • Login using your student number and PIN (defaulted to your birthday).
  • Click on Student Services and Financial Aid.
  • Click on Student Records.
  • Click on Academic Transcript.
  • Leave both fields as they are and click submit.

Additional transfer student information can be found here.

My classes didn't transfer correctly. What do I need to do?

If you would like to have your courses reevaluated, please fill out the Supplemental Transfer Credit Request Form and submit it to our office in person or by email

If you would like to substitute a course, please fill out the Course Substitution Form and submit it to our office. 

How do I know which classes to take?

Most of your questions will be answered at Journey Orientation. Advisement is handled through your academic department. There will be a departmental representative to advise and enable you to register for classes when you attend Orientation.

A full list of academic departments can be found here