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Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

New Media Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in New Media Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in New Media Arts provides students with an opportunity to develop the technical and artistic skills needed to serve as practitioners in the fields of multimedia development and design, web design, and video production. As a degree that straddles two worlds--the fine and the applied arts--the degree program encourages both creativity and practical application. Students will have an opportunity to develop a strong foundation in the traditional fine arts and learn to translate these skills to new media contexts. They will also learn to approach the technical aspects of new media applications from the sensibilities of an artist as well as a technician.

With its balance between the artistic and technical aspects of new media production, the new media arts degree program should prepare students to meet a growing marketplace need for multimedia artists and to rise to the top of the pack of individuals competing for these positions. While providing an undergraduate degree option for students interested in entering careers in the fine and applied arts, it would also provide appropriate preparation for graduate study.

The Faculty:

Kami Anderson, Assistant Professor

Carol Barnum, Professor

Terry Carter, Associate Professor

Donna Colebeck, Instructor

Laura Beth Daws, Instructor

Jeff Greene, Assistant Professor

Kim Haimes-Korn, Professor

Keith B. Hopper, Professor

Monique Logan, Instructor

Matthew McCool, Assistant Professor

Michelle Nichols, Lecturer

Mark Nunes, Associate Professor and Department Chair

Betty Oliver, Professor

Iraj Omidvar, Assistant Professor

Jeffrey Orr, Instructor

Laura Palmer, Assistant Professor

Ann Parker, Lecturer

Cassie Race, Instructor

Nancy L. Reichert, Associate Professor

Cheryl Shinall, Instructor

Erin Sledd, Instructor

Herbert J. Smith, Professor

Charlotte Stephenson, Instructor

Mark K. Stevens, Associate Professor

Laurie Strauss, Instructor

Beth Stutzmann, Lecturer

Katherine Taylor, Instructor

Jim Werner, Assistant Professor

Misty York, Lecturer

The Program:

The Bachelor of Arts in New Media Arts is designed to prepare students for a variety of multimedia artist careers.

Possible positions include:

Web Design

Video Production

Multimedia Development and Design

Multimedia Artist

The program also can serve as preparation for students who plan to attend graduate school.

Students pursuing the degree must complete:

The Core Curriculum, Areas A-E

Required core courses in the major, Area F

Basic required courses in the major

Additional required courses in the major

Free electives

Students must make a grade of at least a C in ALL major courses.

Included below are the complete requirements for the programs.

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