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Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013


The Bachelor of Arts in English and Professional Communication

Our Bachelor of Arts in English and Professional Communication degree is not your typical B.A. in English. Our program emphasizes the role and place of text and image within a world increasingly dependent upon clear communication. Our project-driven courses challenge students to implement real-world applications in nearly every class. Specialized course-work and individual attention allow graduates to begin work immediately, satisfying the demand for professionals who can communicate technical, international, scientific, and computer-related information to both technical and non-technical users.

The required communication courses equip students with the most advanced communication skills in writing, editing, graphics, information design and collaboration. In addition, students study classical rhetoric, develop high-level computer skills, and produce a portfolio that demonstrates their communication proficiency to potential employers. Our literature courses help students understand the diversity of genres, cultures, and authors that contribute to literary production. With offerings in journalism, creative writing, science writing, and environmental writing, our Professional Writing and Communication concentration prepares students for careers in media writing, freelance writing, marketing, public relations, and publishing Our new concentration in Media, Communication, and Culture combines hands-on production courses with a study of media and culture to prepare students for careers in marketing, mass communication, and entertainment, where media savvy can really pay off.

The Faculty:

Kami Anderson, Assistant Professor

Carol Barnum, Professor

Terry Carter, Professor

Donna Colebeck, Lecturer

Laura Beth Daws, Instructor

Jeff Greene, Assistant Professor

Kim Haimes-Korn, Professor

Kelsey Harr-Lagin, Instructor

Keith B. Hopper, Professor

Monique Logan, Instructor

Matthew McCool, Assistant Professor

Michelle Nichols, Lecturer

Mark Nunes, Professor and Department Chair

Betty Oliver, Professor

Iraj Omidvar, Associate Professor

Jeffrey Orr, Instructor

Laura Palmer, Assistant Professor

Ann Parker, Lecturer

Cassie Race, Instructor

Nancy L. Reichert, Associate Professor

Cheryl Shinall, Instructor

Erin Sledd, Instructor

Herbert J. Smith, Professor

Debora Stefani, Instructor

Charlotte Stephenson, Instructor

Mark K. Stevens, Associate Professor

Laurie Strauss ,Instructor

Beth Stutzmann, Senior Lecturer

Katherine Taylor, Instructor

Ava Werner, Instructor

Jim Werner, Assistant Professor

Misty York, Lecturer

The Program:

The Bachelor of Arts in English and Professional Communication is designed to prepare students for a variety of communication careers.

Possible positions include:

Technical writer

Documentation specialist

Technical editor

Professional writer

Information designer

Multimedia specialist

Proposal writer

Corporate communications specialist

Public relations

Website designer and content developer

The program also can serve as a pre-professional background for students who plan to attend graduate school.

Students pursuing the degree must complete:

The Core Curriculum

Required upper-division courses in professional and technical communication

A concentration in one area of professional communication

Additional elective courses in the major

Free electives

Students must make a grade of at least a C in all major courses.

Included below are the complete requirements for the programs.

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