Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2011-2012

Special Admission Categories

SPSU has a number of special categories other than those for freshman and transfer applicants.

Nontraditional Freshman Admission Standards

Nontraditional freshman are those students who:

  • Have not attended high school or college within the previous five years
  • Have earned fewer than 30 transferable semester hours of credit
  • Hold a high school diploma from an accredited secondary school or a GED certificate which satisfies the minimum requirement of the State of Georgia

Applicants eligible for review in this category are exempted from the SAT/ACT and College Preparatory Curriculum requirements; however, all other admission requirements must be met. These students will be required to take the COMPASS Exam and score 74 on the Reading, 60 on the Writing and 37 on the Algebra exams. The COMPASS Exam is given on the campus of SPSU.

Transient Students

Transient students are those students attending Southern Polytechnic State University for a limited period of time, usually one semester, and who are expected to return to their previous college at the beginning of the next semester.

Transient credit earned at Southern Polytechnic State University may not be applied toward the residency requirement.

A transient applicant must submit to the Admissions Office:

  • An application
  • A transient letter from the Registrar of his or her college (good for the semester of application only) The
  • transient letter must indicate that the applicant is in good standing and eligible to return to the home institution
  • A $20 nonrefundable application processing fee (check made payable to Southern Polytechnic State University).

It is the responsibility of the transient applicant to determine (with assistance from his or her home college) the course(s) he or she should take on the SPSU campus.


The non-degree category exists for those students who have previously earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution and who wish to enroll in undergraduate courses for personal or professional reasons instead of degree completion.

Students applying for this non-degree status must submit:

  • An application for admission
  • The $20 non-refundable application processing fee
  • An official transcript from the institution that awarded the initial degree

Students who are admitted under this category and later decide to pursue a degree must furnish official transcripts from all colleges attended and meet transfer admission requirements.

Audit Students

Persons not seeking a degree from Southern Polytechnic State University yet wishing to gain knowledge from courses taught here may apply for admission as audit students.

An audit student is required to file:

  • An application form
  • A $20 nonrefundable application processing fee
  • Official proof of graduation or official copy of scores on the GED test

An auditor will receive grades of "V" and will not receive transferable credits. In order to become a regular student, auditors must meet regular entrance requirements. An audit student may not change to regular student status after beginning a course as an auditor. The audit grade "V” may never be used as a basis for gaining credit in any course.

Students Sixty-two Years of Age or Older

Citizens of the State of Georgia who are 62 years of age or older may attend Southern Polytechnic State University without payment of fees (except for supplies and laboratory or shop fees) when space is available in a course scheduled for resident credit.

To be eligible for participation under this amendment to the Georgia Constitution, such persons:

  • Must present a birth certificate or other comparable written documentation of age to the Registrar's Office at the time of registration
  • Must meet all University System and Southern Polytechnic State University admission requirements,
  • Must meet all University System, Southern Polytechnic State University, and legislated degree requirements if they are degree-seeking students

Undergraduate Certificate Program Admission Requirements

Applicants applying for Undergraduate Certificate programs must meet the same admissions requirements as those who are seeking an undergraduate degree.