Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2011-2012

Software Engineering Graduate

SWE 6343

User Interface Design and Implementation

SWE 6623

Software Engineering I

SWE 6633

Software Project Management

SWE 6723

Software Engineering II

SWE 6743

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

SWE 6753

Computer Game Design & Development

SWE 6763

Software Metrics and Quality Management

SWE 6783

User Interaction Engineering

SWE 6813

Component Based Software Development

SWE 6823

Embedded Systems Analysis and Design

SWE 6843

Embedded Systems Construction and Testing

SWE 6883

Formal Methods in Software Engineering

SWE 6901-6903

Special Topics

SWE 7803

Master's Thesis

SWE 7903

Software Engineering Capstone

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