Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2011-2012

Social Science

Bachelor of Science in International Studies
Concentration in Social Science

The Faculty:

Richard Bennett, Associate Professor and Director of International Programs

Albert Churella, Associate Professor

J. LaJuana Cochrane, Associate Professor and Psychology Coordinator

Jamye Hickman, Assistant Professor

Marianne Holdzkom, Assistant Professor

Julie Newell, Professor and Chair of Department

Thomas J. Nisley, Assistant Professor

Bernice Nuhfer-Halten, Professor and Language Coordinator

Thomas E. Rotnem, Professor, International Studies Coordinator, and Political Science Coordinator

William Skutans, Lecturer

Roger Soiset, Lecturer

Carl Snook, Assistant Professor

Mark D. Vickrey, Senior Lecturer

The Social Science program is part of the Department of Social and International Studies, in the School of Arts and Sciences at Southern Polytechnic State University. By offering an International Studies degree with a concentration in Social Science, SPSU seeks to produce graduates who not only understand the historical, political and economic processes of globalization, but who also possess the technological skills and knowledge that will allow them to deal with the new demands of a more global society.

The International Studies—Social Science degree will prepare graduates for employment in:

International business



Graduate study


Public policy

The non-profit sector

Students pursuing this degree must complete:

The Core Curriculum


Required Upper Division Core in International Studies


The Social Science concentration


Directed International Electives


Free Electives


Any courses taken to satisfy degree program requirements in International Studies Required Upper Division Core, the student's Concentration, and the student’s Directed International Electives must be passed with a grade of "C" or better.

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