Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2011-2012

Residency Requirement (Hours earned in Residence)

Students who wish to earn a degree from Southern Polytechnic State University must have completed 25% of the major required hours as course work in residence at the institution. "In residence" is defined as courses for which a student has registered at SPSU.

Course work considered to be in residence:

  • Courses for which the student registers at SPSU including cross-registration

Course work considered to not be in residence:

  • Transient work
  • Transfer work
  • Credit by examination
  • K-credit

In addition to earning 25% of the major hours required for the degree in residence at SPSU, a student must earn in residence the last:

    • 20 credit hours required for an associate degree
    • 30 credit hours required for a bachelor's degree
    • 45 credit hours required for a bachelor of Architecture degree