Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2011-2012

Construction Management Graduate Courses

CM 5030

Descriptive Structural Systems

CM 6000

Information Methods

CM 6020

Ergonomics Analysis and Productivity

CM 6100

Construction Law: Contracts and Claims

CM 6110

Commercial Construction Transactions

CM 6120

Dispute Resolution

CM 6130

Case Studies in Construction

CM 6200

Strategic Bidding and Estimating

CM 6310

Advanced Scheduling and Integrated Controls

CM 6320

Construction Information Systems

CM 6330

Advanced Operations: Constructability, Value Eng., Productivity

CM 6340

Analytical Tools for Construction Managers

CM 6410

Building Failures and Defective Work

CM 6420

Tall Buildings

CM 6430

Automation and Robotics

CM 6510

Marketing of Construction Services

CM 6520

International Construction

CM 6530

Construction Markets

CM 6540

The Construction Company

CM 6600

Construction Risk Analysis and Control

CM 6800

Construction Seminar

CM 6901-6904

Special Topics

CM 7701-7704

Master's Project

CM 7801-7804

Master's Thesis

Table of Contents