Southern Polytechnic State University

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2011-2012

CM 3810 Advanced Construction Practice


Prerequisite: CM 2000, CM 3000

This course will prepare students to participate in formal interdisciplinary competitions against other Construction Management/Architecture/ Civil Engineering programs at the 4 year university level. At these competitions students are given a real life project from which they must be able to prepare a preliminary design (Design/Build competitions only), complete estimate, CPM schedule and staffing plan and present these items both in a formal bound written report, as well as a formal oral presentation. The first nine (9) weeks of the course involves intensive instruction in the areas of writing, oral presentation, estimating, scheduling and preliminary design skills as part of the pre-competition preparation process. During the final third of the course students will be expected to make corrections to their competition submittal package based on feedback from the judges at the competition. Following the competition, additional topics involving the use of Building Information Modeling importance of a collaborative team effort from owner, developers, architects, engineers, constructors, technicians and consultants is the overall focus of this course.

Table of Contents