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Technical Communication

Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication

Southern Polytechnic's degree in technical communication ranks among the best in the nation. Our faculty in Technical Communication includes two winners of the coveted Jay R. Gould award for outstanding teaching from the Society for Technical Communication. Because we are housed in a small engineering tech school, we can offer a much wider range of courses than similar programs at more traditional schools, and we have the up-to-date hardware and software to support them. You will get a solid grounding in rhetoric as well as hands-on experience with new media tools and technologies.

With our TCOM degree, you will learn much more than just how to use words effectively—you will have opportunities to learn document design, graphics, multimedia, web design, and video production as well as science and environmental writing, proposal writing, and medical communication.

Students in other majors can minor in technical communication through a range of campus-based and online course offerings. For students interested in distance learning options, Southern Polytechnic also offers a 15-credit undergraduate certificate in technical communication delivered entirely online.

Many TCOM courses are taught using a combination of on-site and online sessions that students with jobs especially appreciate. We make sure we offer enough late-afternoon and evening courses so that working students can make steady progress toward their degree.

The Faculty:

Kami Anderson, Assistant Professor

Carol Barnum, Professor

Terry Carter, Associate Professor

Jeff Greene, Assistant Professor

Kim Haimes-Korn, Professor

Keith B. Hopper, Associate Professor

John Lindsay, Instructor

Monique Logan, Instructor

Matthew McCool, Assistant Professor

Mark Nunes, Associate Professor and Department Chair

Betty Oliver, Professor

Iraj Omidvar, Assistant Professor

Jeffrey Orr, Instructor

Laura Palmer, Assistant Professor

Ann Parker, Lecturer

Nancy L. Reichert, Associate Professor

Cheryl Shinall, Instructor

Herbert J. Smith, Professor

Charlotte Stephenson, Instructor

Mark K. Stevens, Associate Professor

Melissa Weaver, Lecturer

Jim Werner, Assistant Professor

The Program:

The Bachelor's program in Technical Communication is designed to prepare students for a variety of communication careers.

Possible positions include:

Technical writer

Documentation specialist

Technical editor

Information designer

Multimedia specialist

Proposal writer

Graphics specialist

Instructional designer or training specialist

Website designer and content developer

The program also can serve as a pre-professional background for students who plan to attend graduate school.

Students pursuing the degree must complete:

The Core Curriculum

Required upper-division courses in technical communication

A concentration in one area of technical communication

Additional elective courses in the major

Free electives

Students must make a grade of at least a C in all TCOM major courses.

Included below are the complete requirements for the programs.

Technical Communication - Bachelor of Science Requirements

Technical Communication Concentrations

Technical Communication Minor

Technical Communication Online Certificate