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Software Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Why study Software Engineering at SPSU?

Software engineering represents the fastest growing segment of software professionals -- men and women who solve problems and issues in the development and engineering of mission-critical software systems to meet the requirements of business and industry in a reliable, secure, timely, and cost-effective manner. At Southern Polytechnic, our Software Engineering students learn real-time strategies and procedures that will give them a competitive edge in the market. Coursework includes software design techniques, software quality, software project management, and electives such as component-based software, embedded systems design, game design, etc. This is the only Software Engineering program at the undergraduate level in Georgia and one of the few in the nation.

The Faculty:

Each faculty member in Software Engineering has his or her own specialty, e.g., object-oriented design, large scale systems, user-centered design, etc. Some of our faculty members have extensive industry experience managing systems and software development. They pass their expertise in the professional field along to their students, who go on to succeed professionally as well.

Barbara V. Bernal, Professor

Venu G. Dasigi, Professor and Chair of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Sheryl L. Duggins, Professor

Briana B. Morrison, Assistant Professor

Hassan Pournaghshband, Professor

Abi Salimi, Associate Professor

Frank Tsui, Associate Professor

Are there learning opportunities outside the classroom?

Our students can participate in the Aerial Robotics Club on campus, which placed second in the 2001 international competition sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems for an automatic pilot guiding program that was written for SPSU's aerial robotics machines. Students have internship and co-op opportunities, as well.

What can I do with a Software Engineering degree?

With a Software Engineering degree, you are equipped to enter a variety of positions, from real-world, large-scale software development and testing to software project management. You gain a foundation in computer science and learn many useful skills and tools that are immediately applicable, and are well on your way to lifelong learning in the rapidly changing technological workplace.

Will I find employment?

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top two of ten jobs with the fastest growth and highest median salaries are related to systems and applications software engineering. Our close proximity to Atlanta opens up a world of internship, co-op, and full-time work opportunities to our students, as Atlanta is home to many major corporations that welcome SPSU students.

The Program:

SWE Program Objectives:

  • Have a strong foundation and understanding of the principles of science, mathematics, and engineering which will enable them to apply those principles to their professional activities and growth
  • Understand social and ethical issues to increase their sense of responsibility, membership, and awareness in society
  • Possess broad and solid foundations in software engineering concepts and methodologies, computer programming, and computing environments so that they can rapidly adapt to changes in technology and engage in life-long learning
  • Have skills in organization, management, communication and be effective in teamwork

Program Outcomes:

At the time of graduation, all Software Engineering students will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Apply math, science and CS to the engineering of software systems
  • Apply SWE practices and process to software design and development
  • Demonstrate the ability to gather, analyze, develop, verify and validate artifacts of SWE systems
  • Use software tools effectively in all phases of software development
  • Contribute to multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary teams in the design, implementation and evolution of software systems
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
  • Independently learn and research new topics in SWE and be capable of independent learning
  • Recognize professional responsibility and the application of ethical principles
  • Demonstrate an ability to learn new languages, environments, and paradigms for software development
  • Recognize the impact their discipline has on society

The degree program includes Core requirements, Computer Science Foundations, the Software Engineering Core, Software Engineering Advanced Topics, Application Domains, Directed Electives and Other Required Courses. There is also a specialty track that allows students to choose a specialty area for more concentrated study. The Directed Electives provide depth beyond the Core to support the student's professional preparation.

Software Engineering - Bachelor of Science Requirements