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President's Message

Welcome to Southern Polytechnic

Southern Polytechnic is a place where students are educated for life and for leadership in an increasingly technological world. We prepare our students for their very first job after graduation, with the skills that make them highly marketable and successful. We feel it is just as important that a Southern Polytechnic education also prepares students for the last job in their careers. Thus, our courses and programs are structured to enable men and women to adapt, grow, and continue to learn over the years, developing the leadership skills needed to implement the vision of a technological future.

Our vision statement describes us well:

"Southern Polytechnic State University is a comprehensive university with a unique purpose. Through a fusion of technology with the liberal arts and sciences, we create a learning community that encourages thoughtful inquiry, diverse perspectives, and strong preparation of our graduates to be leaders in an increasingly technological world."

"The university - faculty, staff, students, and graduates - aspires to be the best in the world at finding creative, practical, and sustainable solutions to real-world problems and improving the quality of life for people around the globe."

Students at SPSU learn skills beyond the essential technological and scientific knowledge that qualifies our graduates to contribute to some of the fastest growing fields in the nation. They also learn traditional liberal arts skills that enable them to think critically, communicate clearly and persuasively, solve problems collaboratively, and develop an international perspective in an increasingly global marketplace.

At Southern Polytechnic, we are proud of our faculty and staff. We are motivated and challenged by our students. We are excited for our graduates. We appreciate the positive, participatory relationships we enjoy with our community and with prominent leaders in business and industry who help shape the nature of our educational vision. We also appreciate your interest in our university.

Again, welcome to Southern Polytechnic. We invite you to make your next visit a personal one to our campus.

Dr. Lisa A. Rossbacher