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Write for Us

At The Sting there are a wide variety of potential articles for you to write.  Generally these articles fall under a few large categories such as:

News:  This can include anything from a news report on campus life, to a feature article about campus events, or even a story commenting on a piece of regional, national, or international news.  We need all sorts of news articles at a campus newspaper like The Sting, so don’t be afraid to submit an article or pitch an idea to one of our editors!

Entertainment:  For the purposes of our paper this is a broad category of articles that pertains to many areas of entertainment.  This may include reviews or articles about movies, television, video games, restaurants, concerts, and albums.

Opinion:  This section includes editorials, personal essays, and other feature articles that are focused on opinion (and not necessarily the opinion of the newspaper).  It’s also commonly a space for students to discuss political issues or to comment on campus policy.  If you’re interested in getting your opinion out there, this is the place to do it!

For more information about how to set up and submit your articles, graphics, photos, and more, Click Here.For more information about payment, Click Here.

Writers are Members of The Sting on OrgSync

Orgsync is the best way for us to communicate. It is a multi-step process to sign up.

  1. Register with SPSU on Orgsync (use your email or Facebook login)

  2. Request to join as a member of The Sting (without password - click "don't know password")

  3. Your request will be accepted within 48 hours

Important publication dates:

November 2, 2012: In-process

November 26, 2012: articles due November 12th – consider holiday themed articles; Editorial meeting November 13th; copy edits due by November 15th; rough layout due November 18th; Final layout to printer November 19th (writer’s meeting Friday, November 16th @noon in the Student Center – A215)