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A call for proposals is typically made towards the end of Spring semester. Funding is typically available around the middle of July. Proposal authors are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Faculty Support and Development prior to final project submission.

SPSU Student Technology Fee Policy
This SPSU Student Technology Fee Policy was created from the framework developed by the Board of Regents at the initiation of the technology fee. Guidelines were developed by the Board of Regents as non-prescriptive guidelines and were intended to provide a framework for local institutional decisions. This framework, along with nearly a decade of history with the technology fee process at SPSU, has resulted in a formal description of the purposes for which SPSU will use student technology fee funds to support student learning.

Purpose of SPSU Student Technology Fee
The Tech Fee funds long-term, large-scale projects that provide a direct benefit to student learning. These projects are more than individual equipment purchase requests, rather these are large projects that directly support student learning and are aligned with SPSU or Academic School or Division goals. Ideal projects should have a broad impact on campus academics, support interdisciplinary exploration, and directly impact a significant population of students.

Submitting a proposal
All projects are reviewed initially by a rubric with eight categories: Student Impact, Congruence, Collaboration, Transformational Impact, Resource Allocation, Strategic Alignment, Project Plan, and Assessment Plan.

*Projects that include the modification of a space (adding computers, new furniture, data ports, equipment, etc) also require that a Space Modification Form be completed and submitted to the Senior Director of Facilities for review. Projects that do not have a space assigned will require the completion of a Space Allocation Form

NOTE: Reviewing the Technology Fee Proposal Evaluation Rubric prior to the submission of projects is highly recommended, as the committee will use the rubric to make funding decisions.

  1. Download a Technology Fee Proposal Form                   
  2. Complete the proposal form. Note: It is critical that you include project goals, assessment plan, as part of your project proposal.
  3. Print the completed form and get the appropriate administrative signatures.
  4. Submit your signed project proposal to the TFRE Chair (David Stone) in C-134A no later than November 16th.

Technology estimates and computer pricing
Computer pricing will be posted soon.