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Purpose of the SPSU Student Technology Fee
The Tech Fee funds long-term, large-scale projects that provide a direct benefit to student learning. These projects are more than individual equipment purchase requests, rather these are large projects that directly support student learning and are aligned with SPSU or Academic School or Division goals. Ideal projects should have a broad impact on campus academics, support interdisciplinary exploration, and directly impact a significant population of students.

Differentiation of the Technology Fee from other Funding Sources
Other funding sources, such as student lab fees, the capital budget, grants, and the “end of year” expenditures are designed to meet immediate equipment and project requirements. The student technology fee provides a way to strategically allocate technology funding to meet student technology needs from a broad, campus perspective.

Standard equipment replacement and maintenance programs that do not provide added capability for student instruction should not be funded through the student technology fee. (These would be funded through lab fees, capital requests, end-of-year funds, etc.) Network and hardware expenditures may be funded via the student technology fee in the support of general or special purpose laboratories for students, but should be clearly linked to the strategic plans of Academic Affairs and Information Technology.

The types of projects that will be funded via the student technology fee include instructional facility development (new labs and classrooms tied to educational program growth), student and faculty training, instructional technology systems, access to discipline specific tools, and software licenses.

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