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Working together with the technical colleges, we have developed several degree programs which are perfect for TCSG graduates in several different ways:

  • We’ve made applying from the TCSG and getting accepted at SPSU as simple and straightforward as possible
  • We’ve made the transferring of credit as simple as possible. If you have met the requirements of one of the specified articulated programs, all of those credits in that degree will transfer.  If your degree wasn’t part of one of our articulated programs, we’ll still work with you to transfer as many credits as possible.
  • We’ll be offering our classes both “live” at our Marietta campus, and by distance learning in a flexible way, so that you can pursue your bachelors degree while still working or staying in your home town, if you need to.
  • Several TCSG colleges are developing computer and library facilities to support your studies, even after you’ve enrolled at SPSU, right in your home town.
  • We’ve made meeting the graduation requirements as simple and straightforward as possible.
  • Should you want to go even further, once you’ve finished your bachelors degree, you will be eligible to enter many of the masters degrees offered at SPSU.


SPSU is Georgia’s senior technology university—the perfect partner to your TCSG college—working with them to provide you with a smooth path to reaching your educational goals.  We’re looking forward to your joining us!



Dr. Zvi Szafran
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Southern Polytechnic State University

Which colleges are participating in this program?

Some course books.

Check the Participating TCSG links to see if which colleges are participating.