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Geek Week

Geek Week 2015

ALL week:     Can Drive, Raffle tickets, and Swag

Tuesday, March 10

Board Games                         Ballroom               12- 6 PM                Sponsored by Giga Bytes Cafe          

Competition Team Demo       Q Lobby                3-5 PM                             

Robot Demonstration             Q Lobby                3-5 PM                   Sponsored by Mechatronics Engineering 

Bacon Reception                    Q Lobby                3-5 PM                   Sponsored by Student Life          

Wednesday, March 11

Miniatures Gaming                 Ballroom               12 – 6 PM               Sponsored by Giga Bytes Cafe          

Anime Movie Night                 Theater                  7 PM                       Sponsored by Anime Club      

Thursday, March 12

Game Truck                            The Globe              11- 3 PM                   Sponsored by Campus Activities Board      

History of MMOs Talk              A-216                    11- 12 PM                  Sponsored by LV Johnson Library          

LAN Tournament                     J-202 & 211             6 PM                         Sponsored by CGDD Club          

Friday, March 13

Pie a President                       The Globe             11 PM                  Sponsored by Society of Women Engineers

Pie Walk                                 The Globe             12 Noon               Sponsored by Student Life                 

Magic the Gathering               Ballroom               12 - 6 PM            Sponsored by Giga Bytes Cafe

Poker & Spades                      Student Center Atrium     3-7 PM                Sponsored by Campus Activities Board  

Pi Colloquium                         Q-202                            3:14 PM               Sponsored by Math Department

Trivia Crack                            Student Center Lobby       5-7 PM                Sponsored by Campus Activities Board

Cosplay Ball                            Ballroom                        8 – 11 PM            Sponsored by Anime Club

Saturday, March 14

Pi Mile                                     Rec Center                     8 AM                    Sponsored by Rec Sports

Live Action Role Play (LARP)    Between Howell & Norton   10 AM – 11 PM       Sponsored by Board & Sword Club




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