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SPSU Student Life
Wilson Student Center
Building A
Suite 230
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060
P 678-915-4104
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Student Organization Member: A student who regularly participates in club activities and meetings.

Student Organization Officer: A student who is elected to serve in one of the club’s officer roles as outlined in the club’s constitution.

Varsity Athletics: Athletic programs administered by the Athletics Department at SPSU; students compete in intercollegiate events.

Intramural Athletics: A variety of athletic programs organized by the Recreational Sports Department at SPSU; students do not compete against other schools.

Internship: Structured experience that allows students to apply knowledge learned in classes in a career field while gaining valuable work experience. Internships can be paid or un-paid and can be for-credit or not-for-credit. *Not included on CCT

Co-op: Structured experience that allows students to apply knowledge learned in classes in a career field while gaining valuable work experience and earning money for school. Students in a co-op typically work full-time for a semester and take classes full-time the next semester. *Not included on CCT

Campus Event: Any event held at SPSU that is open to all students. *Not included on CCT

Overseas Travel (Recreational): International travel that is not affiliated with SPSU; must provide proof of travel (e.g. boarding pass, ticket stub, etc.) *Not included on CCT

Study Abroad: International travel with an academic focus that is affiliated with SPSU.

Domestic Exchange Study: Similar to Study Abroad experiences, but limited to academic institutions in the United States and Canada.

Academic Service Learning: Participation in a course that combines community-based service with classroom instruction.

Community Service: Volunteer work with non-profit organizations. Service hours associated with Academic Service Learning are not included.

Military Service: Active status with ROTC or a military reserve unit. *Not included on CCT

Leadership Conference: A series of workshops, presentations, or speakers related to leadership development.

University Committee: Any official committee reporting to university administration.

Resident Assistant: A member of the Housing and Residence Life staff with community-building responsibilities for an assigned bloc of rooms.

Orientation Leader: Student ambassadors who assist new students and their families during orientation programs.

Alternative Spring Break: A week-long service program during spring break. Service hours are recorded under Community Service.