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SPSU Student Center
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Meeting Spaces

Located within the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center are meeting spaces ranging from a 467-seat theater to an intimate conference room  for 8.  Accessibility to I-75, ample parking, and complementary services make SPSU the ideal location for your upcoming meetings, conferences and camps.




Available Rooms:

   Fixed    Conference    Lecture  


 Rounds    A/V
Ballroom "A"   40 100



Ballroom "B"

  40 100 64 80 X
Ballroom "Whole"   Inquire 250 160 200 X
204   12   16   X
213   18   20   X
214     24     X
215       34   X
216       44   X
220   8       X
221   10 15 12    
Theater 467         X

Room Types:

Fixed: Seating does not move.

Conference: Chairs are arranged around one table. Also referred to as: board-of-directors setup, boardroom setup.

Lecture: A seating arrangement where all participants are facing one direction. There are no tables in this arrangement.

Classroom: A seating arrangement designed for presentations or lectures where participants need to take notes. Participants are only seated on one side of the table allowing all participants to face towards the front of the room. This seating style is ideal for groups of any size.

Rounds: Round tables with chairs. Tables seat up to 10 people per table.


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