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Certificate in Professional Spanish

The Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Spanish prepares individuals for using Spanish professionally in the work place while they are pursuing a Bachelor's degree (B.A. or B.S.) in a program at Southern Polytechnic State University or elsewhere.

Courses leading to the Minor in Spanish (15 hours total):

SPAN 2001-2002: Intermediate Spanish (6) taught as a fall-spring sequence
Nine (9) additional hours chosen from the following (taught on a rotating basis fall and spring):

SPAN 3001: Advanced Conversation (3)
SPAN 3002: Grammar and Composition (3)
SPAN 3003: Hispanic Cultures and Civilizations (3)
SPAN 3901-3905: Special Topics (1-5)

Additional requirements for the Certificate in Professional Spanish (9 hours and OPI)--offered as needed:

Six (6) hours chosen from:

SPAN 4001: Professional Spanish
SPAN 4002: Techniques in Translation for Professional Spanish
SPAN 4901-4905: Special Topics for Professional Spanish (1-5)

SPAN 4003: Service Learning Project

Successful completion of the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language) OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview). Must be taken after course work toward the certificate is completed. the student must register for a one-credit orientation course through the Extended University. The OPI rating will be posted on the student's certificate and is recognized nationally.

Recommended Electives:

Although not required to satisfy certificate requirements, it is especially recommended that participants also take the following courses as electives:

MGNT 4145: International Management (for students who have the prerequisites)
IS 4001: Regional Studies—Latin America

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