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Social & International Studies
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Political Science Program

Students in SPSU's Political Science program will develop research, critical thinking, and communication skills that will open opportunities in a number of areas, including domestic and international non-governmental organizations and foundations for for-profit/non-profit business settings. Additionally, graduates will be more than qualified to take advantage of local, regional, national, and international employment opportunities offered by metro Atlanta governments, the State of Georgia, and the U.S. Federal Government, as well as to pursue post baccalaureate educational opportunities in either political science or law.

There is a growing need for graduates in political science. The acquisition of methodological skills, coupled with an understanding of the political process at local, state, national and international levels, will allow for employment in a variety of public and private venues where research techniques are highly prized. As well, the communication, analysis, and critical reasoning skills that our graduates obtain place them well in a competitive job market, where continual learning is essential and interpersonal and cross-cultural competencies are greatly needed.