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International Studies Minor

To be eligible for a minor in international studies, a student must complete fifteen (15) semester hours from the courses listed below with a grade of C or better. At least nine (9) hours must be upper division courses (3000 or 4000 level courses). Up to six (6) hours may be lower division (1000 or 2000) level, but these courses may NOT count BOTH as core curriculum requirement and toward the minor. All students receiving the minor in International Studies must complete an IS 400x, Regional Studies. Note: IS courses were previously SIS courses.

 Lower Division (0-6 hours)

ANTH 1102 Introduction to Anthropology (3) if not used for E-4
ECON 1101 Introduction to Economics (3) if not used for E-3
ECON 2106 Micro Economics (3)
ES 1101 Ethnic Studies (3) if not used for E-4
GEOG 1101 Introduction to Human Geography (3) if not used for E-4
POLS 2401 Global Issues if not used for E-4
POLS 2903 Special Topics*
PSYC 2903 Special Topics*
RELG 1200 World Religions (3) if not used for E-4

May take one of the following in addition to the course used to meet E-2 core requirement:
HIST 1111 World Civilization to 1500 (3)
HIST 1112 World Civilization since 1500 (3)

To see when these courses should be offered, please consult the SIS Core Planning Schedule.

Upper Division (6-12 hours)

GEOG 3101 World Geography (3)
HIST 3200 History of Science Survey
HIST 3301 Diplomatic and Military History since 1815 (3)
HIST 3401 Social and Cultural History during the 20th Century (3)
HIST 3501 Colonization and Rebellion in the Trans-Atlantic World (3)
HIST 3601 History of the Pacific Rim (3)
HIST 3801 World History since 1945 (3)
HIST 3903, HIST 4903 Special Topics*
IS 3600 Comparative Culture (3)
IS 3901-03 Special Topics (1-3)
IS 400X Regional Studies** (3)
IS 4600 International Studies Internship (3)
IS 4800MGNT 4145 International Management (3)
POLS 3009 Foundations of Public Policy (3)
POLS 3301 Modern Political Theory (3)
POLS 3601 Contemporary World Politics (3)
POLS 4101 Political Economy of Post-Communist Transformation (3)
POLS 4201 International Relations of the Americas (3)
POLS 4301 International Political Economy (3)
POLS 4903 Special Topics*
PSYC 3101 International Social Psychology (3)
PSYC 4000 International Psychology (3)
PSYC 4600 Conflict Resolution (3)
PSYC 4903 Special Topics*
SPAN 300x or 400x; any upper-division Spanish course
STS 4000 International Issues in Science and Technology (3)
STS 4400 Topical Studies in Science and Technology (3)

*Special Topics courses may be used only with topic-specific departmental approval
**students may take several Regional Studies courses to meet the upper division requirement

 Regional Studies (3 hours)

IS 4000 Regional Studies—Pacific Rim (3)
IS 4001 Regional Studies—Latin America (3)
IS 4002 Regional Studies—China (3)
IS 4003 Regional Studies—Asia / Japan (3)
IS 4004 Regional Studies—Middle East (3)
IS 4005 Regional Studies—Russia / Central Europe (3)
IS 4006 Regional Studies—Western Europe (3)
IS 4007 Regional Studies—Africa (3)

To see when upper-division courses should be offered, please consult the International Studies, Political Science, and Psychology Planning Schedules.

Questions? Want to know more? Contact the Psychology Coordinator: Dr. Thomas Rotnem




1. A student may take more than one Regional Studies course as long as different regions are covered.
2. HIST 1112, World Civilization since 1500, is preferred as part of the core curriculum.
3. A student must also complete a language requirement by testing or demonstrating proficiency in one foreign language or completing FREN 1002 or SPAN 1002.