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May, 2014


May 10, SPSU held is 109th commencement.  More than 500 students graduated, including around 150 from CSE.  The commencement speaker was Randy Brown, Jr, an undergraduate student who was graduating at the ceremony with a major in English and Technical Communication.  Randy spoke to the graduates about the near-certainty that they would fail and that they should treat failure as a friend as it will enable them to grow and improve.  Randy also took the opportunity to thank President Rossbacher, whose last SPSU commencement it was, for all she has done for SPSU and its students.

As usual, CSE hosted a reception for its graduating students the night before.  The reception, which was sponsored by LexisNexis, was extremely well attended, and I am grateful for the work that our various staff and faculty members put in to make the reception possible and to LexisNexis for their generous sponsorship of the event.

All the graduates of course deserve our congratulations.


We recently received news that two CSE alumni received their doctoral degrees.  Mark Coletti (BSCS 89, AI option) earned a PhD in Computer Science from George Mason University, and Ben Burgis (MSIT, 2008) earned a Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing degree from Pace University.

Both gentlemen deserve our congratulations on this achievement and I want to wish them all the best as they progress further in their careers.


May 2, Michael Doherty successfully defended his thesis entitled "Performance Consequences of Perceived Embodiment on Users’ Abilities to Operate a Brain Computer Interface".  The Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a relatively new technology which has only recently become accessible and inexpensive enough for mainstream adoption. This thesis addresses the question of how to integrate this technology into every day computing. It tries to determine if embodied visualizations produce better results than non-embodied visualizations while completing simple tasks.

The thesis was supervised by Dr Jeffrey Chastine and both he and Michael deserve our congratulations on their work.


Our MSIT program was recognized twice more this month.

First, it was ranked as the third best online program in Computer Information Technology in the country for veterans (  The ranking reflects both the academic quality of the program as well as the benefits that SPSU has available specifically to people with military experience.

Second, we recently received news that the MSIT is highly ranked in yet another survey, this time of students enrolled in graduate programs in Information Science.  The MSIT was ranked 11th nation-wide.  Details of the rankings are available at

This is yet another feature in the cap of the MSIT program and all involved with the program deserve our congratulations.


The Games for Health Game Jam 2014 has been selected as a 2014 HHS Ventures project.  Organized by staff from the CDC, HRSA, and NIH (and in partnership with SPSU), this is a major accomplishment and shows the growth and maturation of the initial games for health jam in 
September 2013.  

I wanted to thank and congratulate to Dan Baden from the CDC and the entire project team and Jon Preston for making this happen. 


Dr Bob Brown from the Department of Information Technology was one of three recent recipients of the Ph.D. to participate in a panel discussion for doctoral candidates at Nova Southeastern University’s Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences in May.  The Dissertation Workshop was a two-day event where students develop their dissertation ideas in response to student and faculty feedback. The aim is to give dissertation students an opportunity to reconnect with peers, develop their dissertation research, and work with their advisers.

Congratulations to Dr Brown for having been invited to serve on this panel.


Dr Chao Peng of the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering and his wife welcomed a baby girl, Yodee, while Dr Jack Zheng and his wife welcomed their second baby, a girl named Rachel, on 
May 20.



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Han Reichgelt

Dean, School of Computing and Software Engineering