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May 2013


On May 11, SPSU celebrated its 106th commencement strategy.  We graduated some 500 students, including about 100 from CSE.  The graduation speaker was Dr Helmuth Ludwig, CEO of the North American Industry Sector of Siemens.

As has become traditional, we hosted a reception for our graduating students the night before the actual ceremony, and the reception was attended by some 60 graduates and their families and friends.  The reception was sponsored by Aventis Systems, Arkleton and BravePoint. Needless to say, I am very grateful to the support from these organizations.

Congratulations are of course also due to our graduating students.


On April 30, Richard Rutledge, a student in the MS in Software Engineering, presented his thesis entitled “Formal Specification Driven Development”, while the day after, Brian Anderson, a student in the MS in Computer Science, presented his work on “Evaluation and Comparison of Dynamic Configuration Strategies for Moving Target Defense”.  Mr Rutledge’s thesis adviser was Dr Frank Tsui while Mr Anderson’s work was supervised by Dr Edward Jung and Dr Chih-Chen Hung.  I wanted to congratulate both the students and their advisers on the excellent work they produced.


One of our newest faculty members in the Computer Game Design and Development program, Chao Peng, recently received his PhD in Computer Science from Virginia  Polytechnic Institute and State University.  

Congratulations are of course due to Dr Peng.


As many of you know, CSE has been establishing a number of programs in the area of Health Information Technology, and Dr Chi Zhang of our Department of Information Technology has been in the forefront of these efforts.  In the context of these efforts, Dr Zhang recently sat for and passed the CPHIMS certification.  The CPHIMS certification is administered by HIMMS, a non-profit organization devoted to the use of information technology and management systems for the betterment of healthcare, and is rapidly becoming a standard in the HIT industry.  Details about the certification are at 
Congratulations to Dr Zhang.


SPSU in general and CSE in particular prides itself in providing its students with an education that helps them meet the needs of potential employers.  In this context, I am pleased to announce a number of new concentrations and courses.

First, although there are a few formal steps to complete, we are hoping to start a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Information Technology.  The program will allow students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Technology from an accredited technical college to enroll at SPSU and obtain a bachelor’s qualification with two years of additional study and no loss of credit. Students who graduate from this program should help in attempts to establish the Atlanta Metro Area as the hub of Health Information Technology.

Second, we will start a new track in our undergraduate program in Information Technology on mobile and web development.  The courses making up this track are of course open to all interested undergraduates and could in principle also be taken by graduates from our programs who wish to expand their knowledge of this area.  The development of this track was in direct response to the attempt by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, among others, to bring more mobile app development work to the metro region.

Finally, recognizing the growing importance of business intelligence for a number of industry segments, we will also start a number of courses in business intelligence in the fall.


Every now and then the local media cover events at CSE.  However, this month, we were covered internationally - twice.

The first item concerned the articulation agreement we recently signed with the Ghana Technology University College in Accra. 

The second news items appeared in the Peruvian press and concerns a visit from Dr Orlando Karam from our Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering.  Dr Karam was visiting the Universidad Nacional San Agustin in Arequipa in Peru, and teaching a course in Android programming.  The hope is that this initial visit will lead to faculty and student exchanges between our two universities. 


On May 4, we hosted a small delegation from Auburn University to discuss our programs in Health Information Technology and to consider possible avenues for cooperation.  The meeting was made possible by Mr Troy Rosser, Senior Vice-President from CPSI, the company behind the hospital information system that we use both in our Accelerated Training Program in Health Information Technology, and in some of our HIT related degree courses.  In addition to Mr Rosser, we welcomed Dr Paula Bobrowski, Dr Rene McEldowney and Dr Vivian Langley from Auburn University.  SPSU was represented by Mr Hamid Arjmand, Ms Christina Bryant, Dr Mahmoud Ghavi, Dr Russ Hunt, Dr Abi Salimi, and myself.  This was an initial exploratory meeting but we identified a number of possible projects and initiatives that we might be able to cooperate on in the future.  I will keep you posted on any future developments.