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Dean's Update - January 2013


On January 7, we started our spring semester, and CSE again saw a significant increase in its enrollments.  We have more than 1,500 students in CSE (or 25.8% of the total enrollment at SPSU), up from just under 1,300 last spring, or 23.5% of SPSU enrollment.  Obviously, this increase in enrollment has forced us to be more flexible in finding instructors for our various classes, and I wanted to express my deep appreciation to the full-time faculty for their willingness to take on higher teaching loads, to the department chairs for their tireless work to find adjunct faculty and to our new and returning adjunct faculty for their contribution to our programs.


We received news that the MSIT program has again been ranked among the top 20 best online programs, this time in two separate rankings.

The Best Schools ( ranked our program 13th in the nation, based on the quality of the program, the types of courses offered, the faculty, and reputation, including the school’s reputation for effectively providing online degree programs.

US News and World Report ranked our online MSIT program even higher, at number 11 in the nation (  US News and World Report bases its ranking on student engagement (how well a program gives students the opportunity to interact with faculty and other students, and how well a program creates experiences that are rewarding enough for students to stay enrolled and complete their degree), faculty credentials and training, student services, and admissions selectivity.

Interestingly, only four programs appear in the top 20 in both rankings and only one, namely the Master of Professional Studies in Information Sciences offered at Penn State World Campus, is ranked higher than our MSIT in both.


SPSU will again be the Georgia host of the Global Game Jam.  The Global Game Jam is a worldwide event in which groups of people gather all around the world to spend 48 hours creating computer and board games.  The event will be held from Friday, January 25 to Sunday, January 27, and we are expecting 200+ people to attend. 

Students in this year's jam will also be able to collaborate with audio specialist from across the United States.  In addition to students from Berklee College of Music in Boston, who participated in previous local game jams and who will now also participate in the global game jam to compose musical scores and design the overall audio experience, we will also welcome students of Ellen McClain (the voice of GLaDOS in the Portal series).  They will contribute their voice talents.  

We have already secured sponsorship from GreenWave Technology (, Area 41 Customs ( and the Mozilla Foundation (, and I want to thank our sponsors for their support.

More details about the event are available at


Despite the high teaching load, CSE faculty have published a significant number of papers over the last six or seven months.  Since there is insufficient space to include all in this month’s Dean’s Update, I include about half of the list in this month’s Dean’s Update, and the other half in next month’s:

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I will be traveling to Cameroon to resolve some issues that have arisen in the joint program that we offer with the P.K. Fokam Institute of Excellence in Yaoundé.  Under this program, students take the first three years of our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Yaoundé before completing their last year in Marietta.

I will also visit Ghana in order to make it possible for Ghanaian students to complete the MSIT online.  Since we cannot assume that students in Ghana have the required Internet speed at their home, we are partnering with local companies and a local university to set up facilities at their locations. Dr Patrick Bobbie from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering did most of the groundwork for this initiative, and I wanted to express my appreciation to him.  I will obviously keep you apprised of any developments.