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Dean's Update - March 2012


The WebBSIT has been has been ranked as one of the top twenty “best buys” in the country by the education web site, a consumer group that rates, ranks, and verifies the cost and credibility of online colleges and online universities.  The program, which is a fully online undergraduate program in Information Technology, offered jointly by six institutions within the University System of Georgia, was sixteenth in the nation, out of 88 schools.  It is yet another external recognition of the value of the degree programs we offer in Computing and Software Engineering, and I wanted to congratulate all involved in the program, but in particular Andy Wang and Susan Vande Ven, both from the Department of Information Technology, both of whom have significant leadership roles in this program.


On March 8, SPSU signed a Partners in Education agreement with the Marietta Center for Advanced Academics (MCAA).  MCAA ( is magnet school for 3rd to 5th graders with a strong focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computing.  MCAA has partnered in particular with our gaming faculty and students through the games-for-learning program, in which we work together to develop educational games aimed at 3rd to 5th graders.  The Partners in Education program is a collective effort between the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, the Cobb County Public School system and the Marietta City Public School system to help build closer relationships between the public schools and other organizations within Cobb.  The signing took place during a ceremony to celebrate the fact that MCAA had been named the first STEM certified school in Georgia by the Georgia Department of Education.


Despite the increasing teaching load that increased enrollments bring, faculty members in the School of Computing and Software Engineering continue to be very active in the area of research as well.  The following is a partial list of publications produced by members of CSE over the last few months.  Let me add that I regularly receive reports from other institutions with significantly larger number of faculty, and with significantly larger budgets for research.  The research output of the CSE faculty compares favorably with that of the faculty at those larger institutions.  Congratulations are due to all.


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If you see something in this update that you want to comment on, please send me an email at or call me on678-915-7399.

Han Reichgelt

Dean, School of Computing and Software Engineering