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Dean's Update - December 2011


On December 17, SPSU held its 102nd commencement ceremony.  It was again the largest fall graduating class in SPSU’s history with around 380 students graduating.  Around 70 students graduated with a degree from CSE, an increase of around 15% over last year’s fall ceremony.  This obviously bodes well for the first goal in CSE’s strategic plan (/schoolcse/strategicplan/), namely to increase the number of CSE graduates who are well prepared for work and life to better serve the community.

As has become customary, CSE again hosted a reception for its graduating students on the Friday before.  The reception was sponsored by Railserve (  The graduation reception allows CSE to build stronger bonds with its alumni.  Such bonds are important for a number of reasons, not least among which is the need for feedback on our programs.  I want to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to Railserve for their sponsorship.


In April’s Dean’s Update, I reported on an exciting project, namely the construction of a CSE data center.  You may recall that we had a number of reasons for embarking on this project, including the need to have a more controlled environment for the high density server that we used to run our hospital information system from CPSI, and the opportunity for hands-on work in a state-of-the-art data center, something which is crucial for in particular our IT students.  I am now pleased to report that the data center is nearing completion.  As I understand it, we still need to run some fiber to the data center but as soon as this is completed, we will have a fully functional data center.  We will officially open the data center in the near future at a time to be announced.  In the meantime, I want to express my appreciation to Ron Skopitz of the University IT Support Unit and to the CSE lab manager Greg Scott for the work they have put in on this project.


On December 5, Dr Ron Dempsey, SPSU’s Vice-President for Advancement, and I hosted the inaugural meeting of the CSE Dean’s Development Council.  The Council has two primary functions, namely (i) to help CSE implement its current strategic plan and formulate the successor to the plan, and (ii) to help in fund raising.  Members of the council are
  • Rodney Bowers from Minerva Works
  • Hank Edwards from Arkleton
  • Patrick Hiller from Abacus
  • Jeff Jones from UPS
  • Chris Klaus from Kaneva
  • Lisa McVey from McKesson
  • Steve Vicinanza from BlueWave Computing
The inaugural meeting went very well and I genuinely look forward to working with the Council as we implement and update our strategic plan and strengthen our fund raising efforts.