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Permanent Schedules

In order to help you plan your degree completion plan, the School of Computing and Software Engineering has created a permanent schedule for its various programs.  This schedule is minimal in the sense that we guarantee that we will offer the courses in this schedule in the semester in which they are advertised, but we may offer additional courses.  However, there is no guarantee that we will and your degree completion plan should never assume that a course will be available in a semester for which it has not been advertised.

The entry for some courses is "As needed".  In order to determine whether a course is needed, we will look at the actual schedules of students in the prior semester, but we will also take into account the requests for particular courses from individual students.  If you would like for us to offer a particular course in a particular semester, please contact your advisor, the program coordinator for the program you are enrolled in, or the department chair, as soon as possible.  While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to satisfy your request, your requests will play an important role in our decisions about whether to offer the course in question.


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