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Why You Matter

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There are three reasons that it is important to us that we stay in touch with you.  First, in line with the first goal in our strategic plan is to increase the number of CSE graduates to better serve the community, we need your help to recruit new students.  More students will (eventually) lead to more graduates, and the best way to attract students is to make them aware of the success of those who went before, that is, about you.

Second, an important action item in our effort to increase the number of CSE graduates to better serve the community is to maintain high-quality graduate and undergraduate programs, and to Establish new programs and/or new courses that meet demands for computing education that are not currently met by programs offered by CSE or any other providers of higher education.  You have a role to play in helping us achieve these goals.  As successful professionals, you know what the weaknesses and strengths of our programs are, and in what areas there is unmet need for additional programs, and we need to hear from you.

The final reason that we need you is for your financial support.  The initiatives we want to pursue require resources, and while we receive both state appropriations and income from tuition and fees, there are many things we cannot do.  For example, the state does not allow us to use any of the revenue that we receive from the state or from our students through tuition and fees to organize social events.  Also, as SPSU is one of many agencies competing for state funds, there is every chance that our state appropriations will decrease in the future.  We therefore need to start generating new forms of revenue, and alumni donations are one possible source.  If you are interested in supporting CSE financially, please click here