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Breast Cancer: Exercise's role

Exercise & Breast Cancer: It is never too late to start.

 Increases in physical activity, even began in later life, reduces overall breast cancer risk by at least 20 percent among women at all levels of risk. The activity need not be strenuous, but instead done consistently, such as a 30 minute walk, 5 days per week.

Studies show that weight plays a huge role in breast cancer risk, as well. The less a woman weighs the more regular and moderate exercise appears to have a protective effect. Normal weight women also had a lower incidence of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Weight plays an important role in breast cancer prevention, as research has shown, because fatty tissue produces hormones and growth factors, such as estrogen and insulin, which may promote cancer development. So even if a woman in exercising, but has a high percentage of body fat, they may not be benefiting from the cancer fighting properties of moderate exercise. Keeping a healthy body fat and body weight, is the best defense against cancer.

To ward off breast cancer, diet, exercise and early detection are some of the best preventative strategies. Fitness classes and walking are two of the best ways to incorporate exercise into your life.

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