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Exercise: Training Routine For YOU! (Beginning TRY)

Steps to be SUCCESSFUL in the TRAINING ROUTINE for YOU program:


  • Keep a journal with all your information
  • Keep tract of your exercise routine-

Repetitions- How may times you do an exercise (Usually 8-12 reps)

Sets- How many series of reps you do (2-3 sets of 8-12 reps)

Weight-  The amount of weight you can lift the allotted number of reps- you want to be tired on your last rep- (if you can do more than your goal rep #, then the weight is not heavy enough).

  • Decide on your workout days and stick to them:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Or whatever fits your schedule.

Remember you DO NOT want to workout the same body part with less than 48 hours recovery time.

  • Make sure you target each body part equally throughout your training program.
  • Increase the weight and reps when you feel that it is getting too easy OR when you notice a “plateau”- that means that you are not making any more gains or losses and your workout has lost it’s spunk!
  •  When you are lifting any weight that may be heavy, make sure you have a spotter to watch your form and help if you cannot lift the weight properly.
  •  Keep tract of your progress. They only way to measure success is to see it for yourself.
  • If you feel dizzy, lightheaded or nauseous, stop exercise and seek medical attention.
  •  Ask questions! If you are not sure of an exercise or technique- ask Kellie or use the reference sheets provided.
  •  Please make sure you are medically cleared to begin exercise. If you have concerns, please speak to Kellie about your health. It is the most important thing to us!