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SPSU Post Office
Building A - lower level
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060



Mark Tankell (Manager)

Sarah Milton


Faculty & Staff

Mailing Tips

Postage Billing

The University Post Office sends a consolidated postage bill for each department that has sent outgoing mail through the United States Postal Service at the beginning of each month to Fiscal Affairs.  This bill will represent the previous month's postage activity.

Departmental Mail Sent to Students that live in Housing

The University Post Office receives mail from several departments for students and is placed in the student's mailbox.  At the end of the semester if the student is discovered to no longer be in housing, the student's mail is removed from the mailbox and is returned to the sender. Therefore, it could be several months before mail going to a student that has a mailbox is returned to the department.

Departmental Mail Sent to Students that do not live in Housing

Several students receive mail from departments but no longer live or never lived in campus housing.  This type of mail is marked by the University Post Office as "no longer lives in campus housing" and is returned to the department.

Packages for Faculty and Staff

Southern Polytechnic State University receives packages for Faculty and Staff on a daily basis.  Typically Central Receiving will receive all UPS and Fed Ex packages while the University Post Office will receive the USPS packages.  When calling to check on the status of a package please make sure that you have the carrier and the tracking number for the package.  It would also be advantageous to have the sender's name, and the name of the person receiving the package.



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