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Why Study Physics at SPSU?

StudentsThe physics department at SPSU is committed to provide leaders to the society.  Under the guidance of polytechnic discipline, our students find it easier to apply physics to their chosen career.
Students who aspire to industry positions that are on the cutting edge of science and engineering technology find that a degree in Physics from SPSU is a better choice. Our Physics degree offers students the flexibility to add a minor field of study to the Physics major, which allows them to diversify their experiences and opens up a wider world of career opportunities.
In addition to core courses, you will choose electives to meet your individual career objectives with the help of a department advisor. Students may choose to add a double major to the Physics major, such as Engineering Technology.

The faculty
The Physics program is distinguished by small, personalized classes and an outstanding faculty. All of our Physics professors hold Ph.D.s in the field, and their combined professional academic experience makes them excellent teachers and mentors.

Are there learning opportunities outside the classroom?
Because we believe that students receive a more comprehensive education when they add work experience to classroom experience, we encourage our students to participate in internships and co-ops. Our students also participate in various clubs, where they network with professionals and gain a better of understanding of future possibilities.

What can I do with a Physics degree?
Since our Physics program includes courses that meet the educational portion of requirements for professional engineering in most states, many SPSU students choose engineering as a career. Others continue the study of Physics at the graduate level, and ultimately go into teaching, research, law, or medicine. The listing of companies that have hired SPSU graduates with a degree in Physics is long: It includes Argonne Labs, BellSouth Mobility, Cape International Management, Inc., Georgia Department of Agriculture, Institute of Paper Science and Technology, Inc., Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., NASA, National Science Foundation, the Southern Company,