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Careers In Physics

What can I do with a Physics degree?

fiber opticsYou can be anything that you want to be.

Would you like to be a Physicist, a medical physicist, an engineer, or is it a programmer, a lawyer or do you want to be a technician, a scientist or is it to be a physics teacher? Study shows that students with a Physics degree excel in these careers than any one else. Take a look at theMCAT and LSAT score. Physics graduates earn very high scores.

There is a variety of wide range field that a physics gradate can succeed. Many of our physics majors pursue higher degrees in physics and some choose engineering as a career, since our Physics program includes courses that meet the educational portion of requirements for professional engineering in most states.  With a BS in physics with a Engineering Physics track most of our students will be well prepared for a career in Engineering.

With our newest education program those who wish to consider a career in education will find themselves not only academically but also professionally equipped as well. The newly developed Physics education program will produce qualified physics teachers that help to fill the shortage of quality physics teachers. Unlike many institutes that offer similar programs SPSU will provide the graduates the certification to teach as they graduate.

Will I find employment after I graduated from SPSU?
The listing of companies that have hired SPSU graduates with a degree in Physics is long: It includes Argonne Labs, BellSouth Mobility, Cape International Management, Inc., Georgia Department of Agriculture, Institute of Paper Science and Technology, Inc., Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., NASA, National Science Foundation, the Southern Company, and many others.

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