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(useful whether you teach online or on-campus)

Faculty Technical Support for Online Systems

Faculty are encouraged to contact the Instructional Design Unit for technical support related to online learning technology. The Instructional Design Unit can help faculty identify which technologies would work best for their needs and can assist with instructional design.

GeorgiaVIEW Desire2Learn

GeorgiaVIEW Desire2Learn is the learning management system that SPSU uses to support SPSU courses and programs. The system is hosted at the University System of Georgia data center in Athens. 

There are three options for faculty support with GeorgiaVIEW Desire2Learn:

  1. Instructional Design Unit -  The Instructional Design Unit provides institutional administration for the SPSU portion of the GeorgiaVIEW Desire2Learn server. A list of the scheduled maintenance window and support information for your students can be found on the SPSU Desire2Learn website.
  2. Online Support Center - The University System of Georgia also provides 24/7 Support for GeorgiaVIEW Vista via the Online Support Center. This service offers an online support database, online chat, as well as phone support for faculty, students, and staff.
  3. SPSU IT Helpesk - The SPSU IT Helpdesk provides support for SPSU systems and software. They can also help troubleshoot basic Vista issues. The IT Helpdesk is available via phone at: 678-915-4357, and work order tickets can be submitted online at: 

Student Support for GeorgiaVIEW Desire2Learn
Refer your students to the GeorgiaVIEW Desire2Learn student support guide for student support options.

Wimba Live Classroom
Wimba Live Classroom is available for all SPSU courses. If you have any questions or need support for your Wimba classroom, or want to learn more, contact Travis Melton in the Instructional Design Unit via phone at 678-915-3992 or via email:

Ensemble Video
Ensemble Video is a video content management system that allows faculty to organize, store, and share video in support of their courses. For more information regarding Ensemble Video, contact Travis Melton in the Instructional Design Unit.

Selecting technology for your courses
If you are not certain what technology is available to you, or you want to learn more about what is available, please contact the Instructional Design Unit.

Course Design and Development

The Instructional Design Unit provides faculty with assistance with the development and design of courses. Visit the Instructional Design Unitwebsite for more information about the services provided.

Instructional Media Development

Digital media development support is available via the Digital Media Specialists within the Instructional Design Unit. Services provided include a recording booth as well as media development and hosting services (podcasting and streaming video). Contact the Instructional Design Unit for more information.

Course Review Process

The SPSU DL Standard Rubric (PDF | MS Word Document) is a 43 element rubric designed to help faculty develop quality online courses to support student learning. The rubric was originally developed by the Distance Learning Task Force with Dr. Mary McShane-Vaugh and Dr. David Dayton collecting and organizing an Academic Assessment Checklist that was distilled into the Reviewer's Rubric. Courses must have passed the course review process prior to academic programs receiving DLR funds to support online courses. For more information about the SPSU DL Standard Rubric, visit the Instructional Design Quality Assurance website. The course review process is managed through the Instructional Design Unit.

DLR Funding

In spring 2010 the Dean’s Council approved a new funding formula for distance learning. This formula provides departmental funds based on credit hour generation and became effective in FY 2011.

Departmental DLR funds may be used for distance learning development, marketing, and program support as well as for other departmental expenses identified by the school dean. Special funds are also available for Distance Learning Marketing and Course Development.

2014 DLR Funding Guidelines

Student Evaluation of Instructors

Strategic Initiatives and Online Learning and Online Learning manages the student evaluation of instructor process for Academic Affairs. During spring semester 2012 Strategic Initiatives and Online Learning and Online Learning worked with the Faculty Senate to pilot the use of the online student evaluation system in select online courses.

Faculty instructions for using the student evaluation of instructors can be found on the SPSU CoursEval website.

Support and ongoing application management for the Student Evaluation of Instructors application is provided by the Information Systems Group within University Information Technology Services. The UITS Helpdesk is the point of contact for faculty and students for technical support.

Classroom Technology Support

Technical support for classroom technology is provided via Classroom Technologies as part of the Technical Support Group within University Information Technology Services. Report problems with classroom technology (computer, projectors, document cameras, smart boards, smart podiums, etc) to the UITS Helpdesk online, or via phone at 678-915-4357. 

Workshops and Faculty Development Opportunities

The current schedule of workshops for faculty can be found on Workshop Schedule. This schedule includes programs sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Instructional Design Unit, as well as other programs related to faculty growth and development.

Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
The Center for Teaching Excellence provides many opportunities for growth and development, including workshops,  brown bag sessions, resources, and other opportunities for faculty to dialogue on the teaching excellence.

Teaching Academy for Distance Learning (TADL)
TADL is a training program for SPSU faculty that is designed to provide:

  • training in online course development concepts,
  • training on GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8 common tools as well as other instructional tools,
  • guidance and advice regarding online course development processes, and
  • staff assistance in lab sessions as you develop/revise a course.

Visit the Instructional Design Unit website to learn more about the Teaching Academy for Distance Learning.

Planning and Assessment

The Educational Support and Online Learning Unit assesses, develops, and supports the online learning program at SPSU. This includes data collection and review of services and programs as well as enabling a platform of services and systems which provide academic programs with the ability to offer online learning in on-campus, blended/hybrid, and online formats. Some of the ways the Educational Support and Online Learning Unit supports online learning at SPSU include:

Student Evaluation of Instructors
SPSU uses an online system to manage student evaluation of instructors. Instructions that describe how to access the system can be found on the CoursEval page.

Distance Learning Task Force
The Distance Learning Task Force is comprised of representatives from each of the programs that offer degrees offered via online learning as well as administrative representatives from service and support units at SPSU.

Strategic Planning
The SPSU Distance Learning Strategic Plan was endorsed by the Faculty Senate on April 14th, 2011. Contact David Stone if you have any questions about the plan.
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