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Online Courses

Each semester SPSU offers a variety of online courses as part of online degree programs, or as part of the general course offerings on campus. You can view the list of online courses being offered by SPSU by visiting the Schedule of Classes tool provided by the Office of the Registrar.

To view the current schedule of online courses:

  1. Click on this link to access the Schedule of Classes
  2. Select the term you wish to view in the drop down box, and click Select.
  3. Select "Distance Learning" as your course subject when prompted to "Select course subject to review:" and click Submit.

Using the Schedule of Classes (formerly the Dynamic Bulletin)

The Schedule of Classes is an online resource that will provide information about which classes are being taught in the upcoming term. As an online student, you need to pay particular attention to two pieces of information in identifying courses: the section number and the CRN (Course Record Number).

A CRN is the unique 4-digit number given to every course. You will need it to register for your courses. When you're registering, grab a pen because you'll need to note your CRNs. Also be sure you write down the days and times each course meets. This will help you work out a schedule that makes sense for you and doesn't contain overlapping classes.

Use the Schedule of Classes to identify the sections of your courses offered online. There may be several sections of the same course offered in the same semester. All courses are listed with a CRN, subject designator, course number, section number, and course title. For instance:

Course Listing Description

When you are looking for a specific class, use the subject designator, course number, section number and the course title to find a specific class.

You need to pay special attention to the section number. Because you're an online student, you're interested in section numbers that start with a 9 or include a G.

  • 9XX: These sections are offered entirely online. You might see, for example 900 or 903. These courses are offered directly through SPSU. They will include your entire major or certificate courses and some core courses. You will register for them through Banner Web.
  • XXG: These sections are online courses offered through the eCore program. An example is 01G or 06G. eCore courses are taught through collaboration among University System of Georgia campuses. Before you may register for any eCore course you must complete an online eCore orientation. Once completed you may register yourself for eCore classes through BANNER, just as you do for other SPSU courses. You can find more information regarding eCore by visiting /ecore/
  • 00X: Section numbers that start with one or more zeros are on-campus courses. For example: 001 or 012. Unless you want to take an on-campus course, it's unlikely you'll register for these sections.