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Student Consumer Information


Southern Polytechnic State University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges of Schools (SACS). Individual programs may have additional accreditation. For more information visit the SPSU Planning and Assessment website. The list of accrediting agencies and a link to the respective agency website can be found within the SPSU Fact Book located on the SPSU Institutional Research website.

Internal SPSU Contacts for Complaints

Student Affairs contact:
If you encounter hardship situations, disciplinary matters, or encounter a situation that requires you to file a student grievance, you should contact:

Vice President for Student & Enrollment Services
Phone: 678-915-3721
Administration Building (B-177)

SPSU Student Handbook

The SPSU Student Handbook contains all of the policies, procedures, rights, & responsibilities for students enrolled at Southern Polytechnic. You can view the SPSU Student Handbook on line at: /studentlife/studenthandbook/index.htm

Degree Program Contacts

You may contact the degree program contacts for the online programs if you encounter problems that you cannot resolve. The degree program contacts can be found on the Degree Program Contacts List.

eCore Student Complaint & Grievance Policy

eCore students may also make use of the eCore Student Complaint & Grievance Policy developed for all eCore students. The policy can be found online on the eCore Student Complaint & Grievance Policy website.

Higher Education Reauthorization Act and State Authorization for Distance Education

We are currently reviewing the implications of new federal and state regulations regarding state authorization for Distance Education. Based on a review of these regulations, costs and program continuation might be affected in the future.

Online Student Request Form

If you have problems that cannot be resolved through the internal contacts list above, or if you continue to have problems, you may submit a request for assistance through the Online Student Request Form. A staff member from the Educational Support and Online Learning unit will refer you the appropriate contact for your issue within two business days (this does not include weekends and university holidays).

Online courses and programs contact:
David Edwin Stone
Director, Strategic Initiatives and Online Learning
Phone: 678-915-3200

SPSU Ethics and Reporting Hotline

Southern Polytechnic State University is strongly committed to ensuring that our institution operates with the highest regard for ethics, efficiency, and effectiveness. As part of this on-going commitment, the University is pleased to offer the Ethics and Reporting Hotline. Through this service, employees can share a variety of issues and/or concerns. The hotline is also a means for sharing questions, comments and feedback about areas which could be streamlined and made more efficient and effective.

This service is a compliment to and expansion of the existing resources which are currently available to employees and students. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reports can be filed by any faculty, staff or student.

To learn more about this resources, please visit the link below.

Complaint resolution contacts by State

In addition to the internal complaint processes provided by SPSU, you are also able to file a complaint with your State of Residence. Click the link below to view the list of state contacts and links to information regarding the complaint process for each state.

Listing of Complaint Resolution Contacts by State