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The SPSU Center for Nuclear Studies' workshops offer participants certified training in nuclear power plants fundamentals, construction and operations, codes and standards, radiation detection and measurement, health and safety, nuclear plant quality assurance / quality control, and heavy duty nuclear plant cranes installation and operation. These professional-level courses are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the field of Nuclear Power Plant construction and operations. Moreover, the workshops cover the practical elements of the nuclear industry and are applicable to operating plants as well as those under construction. Brief descriptions of workshop courses are listed below.


Concepts in Nuclear Plant Construction and Power Generation

The Concepts in Nuclear Plant Construction and Power Generation workshop, developed with the support of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission is designed to provide a broad training in the field of Nuclear Power Plant Engineering, Construction, and Operations. Participants in this course learn about the general principles of nuclear power plants including their structure, components, construction, and operational issues. The workshop also covers applicable codes, standards, regulations, and safety criteria for the nuclear power industry. At the conclusion of the course, the participants will be taken on a guided tour of a nuclear plant where they can witness the practical implementation of the principles and components of the workshop material.

SPSU is accredited by the Commission of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (TAC/ABET), the National Accrediting Board, Inc. (NAAB), the American Counsel for Construction Education (ACCE), and the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Program (ACBSP).

Nuclear Quality Assurance

This workshop is a companion course to the Concepts in Nuclear Plant Construction and Power Generation workshop and is designed to provide an all inclusive overview of the applicable quality assurance rules and regulations in the nuclear industry. The fundamental philosophies, purposes, and requirements for the strict quality assurance and quality control programs in the nuclear industry are discussed. The workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission 18 Criteria for the Nuclear Quality Assurance program.

Health Physics and Radiation Safety

Health Physics is a branch of nuclear sciences that is primarily concerned with the nature of radiation, the physics of radiation, and the interaction of radiation with humans and the environment. The purpose of this course is to understand the various forms of radiation, learn how to manage and protect radiation workers, and inform the public on the potential hazards of radiation. Health physics specialists are in demand in a number of industries including nuclear plants, medical facilities, defense plants, food irradiation, research and others.

Heavy Duty Cranes Operation and Safety

Heavy duty cranes have always played a significant role in the construction and operation of nuclear power plants. The recent modularization approach to construction of power plants has brought a greater level of importance to the use of super capacity cranes. Nuclear plant cranes must comply with a number of Quality Assurance criteria and rules, including NQA-1 (quality assurance requirements for nuclear applications) and ASME NOG-1 (rules for crane construction) among others. The purpose of this course is to train the participants in various aspects of the construction, installation, operation, safety, and QA/QC requirements of heavy duty cranes.

For information regarding the structure of the workshop courses, please refer to the detailed course descriptions link below.

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