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SPSU, Mechanical Engineering Technology,
Building Q,
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Marietta, GA 30060

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Research in the areas of Optical Biosensor, Composite Failure Modes, Design Optimization and High Performance Computing.

Researcher: Dr Mir Atiqullah


Rheology and viscoelasticity:

Researcher: Dr. Simin Nasseri


To investigate the dynamics of droplets in a highly viscous medium and to evaluate the effect of viscosity and temperature on the shape of the droplets.

Main Research Program Areas:

  1. Experimental Analysis
  2. Numerical Simulation

More info on Rheology and viscoelasticity research 

Previous Publications:


Researcher: Dr. Simin Nasseri


To research, design, simulate and develop new micro - and nano-technology products for the aerospace, medical device, biotechnology, information technology, environmental, micro-electronics, materials and manufacturing industries.

Main Research Program Areas:

1- Micro/Nanoscale Devices

This program focuses on two areas:

  • New micro/nanoscale devices for new product applications

  • New micro/nanoscale devices for improving existing products.

2- Micro/Nanomanufacturing Equipment

This program focuses on two areas:

  • Technologies for scaling up or mass production of micro/nanoscale materials and micro/nanoscale devices

  • Technologies for increasing or improving productivity of micro/nanoscale measurements/metrology.


  • Dr. David Addie Noye, USPTO provisional patent no: 60/824,588, Method of Controlling Growth of Carbon Nanotubes, 2006.

  • Dr. David Addie Noye, USPTO provisional patent no: 60/825,956, Method and System for Improving Productivity of Carbon Nanotubes Production, 2006.

  • Dr. David Addie Noye, USPTO provisional patent no: 60/827,706, Multifunctional Material System and Composition Thereof, 2006.


 Industry Partners:

 * NanoResearch, Inc (More information on this company)


Research in the areas of Durability Modeling for High Speed Research, Impact Damage, Durability and Residual Strength of Structural Composites, MEMS, Polyimide Foams, and Multi-Scale Modeling of Advanced Polymer Matrix Composites. Click here to see the list of former projects.

Researcher: Dr David Veazie